Gambas al Ajillo Recommended $14

Sauteed jumbo shrimp, white wine garlic sauce, with toasted garlic bread

Cheese Dip $7

Served with corn tortilla chips

Yuca Frita $7

Crispy cassava with jalapeño aioli

Fresh made Guacamole Market Price

Made in a Molcajete with tomato, lime, red onion and cilantro

Plátanos Fritos $7

Sweet plantains served with sour cream

Soups and Salads

Seafood Soup $12.95

Shrimp and scallops

Rio Grande Salad $10.95

Romaine lettuce, red onions, avocado and hearts of palm

With Steak or Chicken $14.95
With Shrimp $16.95
Traditional Tortilla Soup $7.95

Chicken broth with mix vegetables, cilantro and tortilla strips

Chef Salad $10

Baby spinach, mix nuts, dried cranberries and ginger dressing


Buey Asado $25.95

Grilled ribeye steak, mushrooms, fingerling potatoes in demi glaze sauce

Rio Grande NY Steak $24.95

Grilled steak served with garlic sauce, fried yuca and salad on the side

Pollo Acapulco $19.95

Grilled chicken breast with sautéed onions, zucchini and tomatoes

Lomo Saltado $24.95

NY steak, sautée onions, green pepper, tomatoes and fried potatoes

Masitas de Puerco $20.95

Tender morsels of pork, slowly cook in Spanish sauce, sautéed onions and fried plantains

kids Chicken Tenders $10.95

Breaded and fried chicken tenders


Mariscada $25.95

Spanish style seafood soup with shrimp, scallops, salmon, squid and served with rice

Camarones Cantinero $24.95

Jumbo sauteed shrimp, onions, poblano pepper, tomatoes and tequila served with rice and beans

Pincho de Camarones $26.95

Grilled bacon, wrapped shrimp skewer stuffed with Monterrey Jack Cheese on bed of onions and green pepper, rice and beans

Salmon $24.95

Grilled blackened salmon topped with shrimp and scallops served with campeche sauce served with white rice and beans

Marisco Saltado $24.95

Sautéed shrimp and scallops, tomatoes, red onions, green peppers and fried potatoes and cilantro with rice and beans


Rio Grande Fajita $26.95

Grilled skirt steak, chicken breast and shrimp

Fajita de Carne $22.95

Grilled skirt steak

Fajita de Pollo $19.95

Grilled chicken breast

Fajita de Camarones $24.95

Grilled shrimp


Quesadilla de Carne $14.95

Grilled steak

Quesadilla de Queso $10.95

Monterrey Jack melted cheese

Quesadilla de Pollo $12.95

Grilled chicken

Kids Quesadilla $10.95

Chicken or Beef

Enchiladas & Burritos

Seafood Enchilada $15.95

Shrimp and scallops covered with cheese , Campeche Sauce

Beef Enchilada $14.95

Shredded beef with red chili sauce

Seafood Burrito $15.95

Shrimp and scallops covered with cheese , Campeche sauce

Chicken Burrito $14.95

Shredded Chicken With green tomatillo sauce

Vegetable Enchilada $12.95

With ranchera sauce

Chicken Enchilada $14.95

Shredded Chicken with green tomatillo sauce

Beef Burrito $14.95

Shredded beef with red chilisauce

Vegetable Burrito $12.95

With ranchera sauce


Beef Tacos $13.95

Shredded beef

Shrimp Tacos $13.95

Grilled Shrimp

Tacos al Carbón $17.95

Grilled steak or chicken

Chicken Tacos $13.95

Shredded chicken

Fish Tacos $13.95

Crispy tilapia, coleslaw and tomatillo sauce

Kids Chicken Tacos $10.95

Special Desserts and Coffee

Sopapillas $7

Puffed Mexican Pastries, honey and sugar

Mexican Flan $8

Caramel Custard

Tres Leches $8

Latin America favorite cake

Churros $8

Fried Pastry dough

Fresh Coffee $3
Cappuccino $5
Latte $5
Espresso $5
Carajillo $7
Tequila and Coffee $7